Dating site xsocial

dating site xsocial

Fictitious Profiles Admitted By Xsocial: Did you know that this dating site uses fictitious profiles? This site has clearly revealed that they are using fake member. Read This Review On And Learn How They Deceive & Defraud All of these “likes” are completely fake and have been fabricated by the dating site. is a site that I've reviewed and I recommend that you read this dating review before giving them your credit card. It could save you money! We Explain How Tricks People Into Upgrading; We Explain How Tricks People Into Upgrading You may be wondering why a .

We Explain How Cons People Into Upgrading In This Review |

Notifications are instantly provided so that you are always connected to the dating site on the go.

dating site xsocial

Even when woman do reply to you, it's with one word answers because they are juggling at least 12 conversations at once. If you are not happy yet, listen up: Well thankfully I didn't get scammed since I did enough research first and found out there are other services doing the same thing as XSocial.

dating site xsocial

I am not surprised in the least that I never received one legitimate message, much less a phone number. It is up to you as to how you wish to enjoy it. Not one of the girls I messaged seemed to be genuine, so it never got to the point of even considering phone calls.

dating site xsocial

I wanted to use it to unload on them, but the address does not work. DATING SITE / FLIRTHOOKUP, FLIRTLOCAL, FlirtLocal, XMeeting, XSocial;. That is why most men are more than happy to purchase a subscription in order to hook up with a girl sending them a message. Review - Learn How XSocial Defrauds Consumers |

How to build your relationships online? It all started when I came across the site XMeeting last week. Please edit your description below and resubmit for approval:.

Online dating has been made easy, thanks to Reviews of You can join the site, create a free account and then proceed with your hunt for hot ladies on the. Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates.

dating site xsocial

Write about these bastards on every blog you can find.Name Of Site. I'm not going to say you deserved to be scammed. Online dating has been made easy, thanks to Reviews of Xsocial. Url: Signs It’s A Scam: As soon as you sign up to the site you start receiving “likes” for women.

If you are searching for a specific profile content, that is easily done with the help of Xsocial.

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I checked out the Terms and Conditions at XSocial. Read This Review On And Learn How They Deceive & Defraud All of these “likes” are completely fake and have been fabricated by the dating site. But once again we are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

You will start receiving. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: This could not be further from the truth.

dating site xsocial

It is the best free dating site that offers services to anyone online, especially those looking for a mature relationship. Totally agree, they should be made to pay back one thousand times the ammount they scammed from their victims. Another deception that XSocial admits to is the use of paid contractors to interact with you! Nothing happened and I had no luck.

xSocial - Spice up your life with a discreet encounter!

February 28, at 9: June 30, at They admit that they use fictitious profiles to get users to use the site more. But it's not worth it going to prison over, my uncle shot and killed 2 people over a fucking horse trailer and is doing 2 life terms and 99 years in a Wiconsin prison.

dating site xsocial

I should have known better all the way around. I tried to get a refund by the method mentioned above and got nowhere fast.

Is Another Online Dating Scam Or Is It Legit?

Also, their "about us" page gives an email address to contact them through for anything but billing. Sign In Close Your browser does not have cookies enabled and some features on this site require cookies. One day they are going to piss off the wrong person. They wrote back say because of the cost to do it.

I did anyway for the sake of this review.

dating site xsocial

Please explain so it can help others on here to get their money back from XSocial. I DID however get tricked by an online dating called "getnaughty. - Register now free for online dating and casual dates

This company has proved to us time and time again, review after review that they cannot be trusted. December 24, at Login Forgot your password?

dating site xsocial

With the help of Xsocial Reviews, all this and much more information is available at an instant. Yes, you read that right they actually employ people to string you along. Skully, you're not the only one who has been scammed, I have only just realized that I,too, have been scammed by xSocial.

We Explain How Tricks People Into Upgrading

November 2, at 1: March 2, at 6: Your browser does not have cookies enabled. Of course you don't realize that the women emailing you are completely fake in the email messages.

Another great thing about this is that you can see who viewed or liked your profile.

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