Rika xiang li

rika xiang li

Filters. Artists Origins Characters Media Misc. ^jj^.Hack 10 Chikan Association Gou 10hmugen 11Gatsu no Arcadia 1kmspaint 21YC 2B . CHINA: MODERN & BANKNOTES This is perhaps the largest for-sale offering of titles for modern (machine-struck) China & banknotes. Listings are bibliographic by. Search. Listing all Characters available. 2; 2k-tan (10) 9; tan (1) A; a-drei (2) abara hanbee (2). Lucy Li here in a stunning gallery. Adrienne Barbeau, its her birthday and shes naked!

rika xiang li

Page count varies widely by issue. Provincial notes, by province, of the ROC period, reduced 2-sided color photos; leather-bound, excellent printing; Little text Cinese.

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Values in three grades. The best features are the many dies of them!

rika xiang li

Valuations obsolete today, but comments on rarity and forgeries still useful. Entradas sobre pop ruso escritas por Enviado Especial.

rika xiang li

^jj^.Hack 10 Chikan Association Gou 10hmugen 11Gatsu no Arcadia 1kmspaint 21YC 2B . Artists Origins Characters Media Misc.

rika xiang li

Pont du Loing sur le canal de Briare. Lucy Li here in a stunning gallery.

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The banknote plates are in color. Society edited by Zhao Hue Yuen, projected at 10 volumes but already expanding.

rika xiang li

Brief English preface and contents page. Passerelle Victor-Hugo construite en par Eiffel sur le canal de Briare. Useful in pre-KM days, a curiosity now.

Coin Books: China Modern & Paper: Bibliography,Reviews, Sale (SEMANS)

Plates in both editions are mediocre, but the is slightly better. Not a catalog, and the photocopied illustrations are poor, but full of infomation on the coinage unavailable from any western source. Color plates 57 coins, 68 paper show some unusual items: The value is in the excellent, enlarged color photos of every object, all apparently genuine, making this an authentication tool as well as a joy to browse and the only published source for many rare items.

rika xiang li

Massive 11x15" hardcovers, some in slip cases. China under Japan 22p. Copper Cash and Silver Taels: The copper includes 21 warlord and Communist varieties.


Few illos, but all legends given. See here for the ancients. Banknotes of the Commercial Banks of China: Asian symbolic coinage, Ivotchinka on Chinese paper. See also Quality Sales for other Kann auctions. Banknotes of the Ching Dynasty: Specialized western works such as Bertsch on Srangs, Gabrisch on Szechuan Rupees, and Bertsch or Narbeth on paper are still better, but there are undoubtedly discoveries to be made here by even the most advanced collector. The level of varieties distinguished is well beyond KM but not quite as fine as Woodward, Duan, and various other Chinese works.

Chinese text; English contents.

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For earlier volumes see Ancient China References page. Valuations in four grades. Plates are only fair, so counting dots and dragon scales takes patience and sharp eyesight. Good enlarged photos, cat 's, four-grade pricing, and comparison photos of dstinguishing design details.

Les pralines [ 96 ]: The Currency of Tibet: Auction results for early series.

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Valuations in two grades. Several essays at end.Increasing rigidness of carbon coating for improvement of electrochemical performances of Co 3 O 4 in Li-ion batteries Original research article Pages Filters.

The essential tool for recognizing forgeries of all periods, which appear all too regularly in auctions.

rika xiang li

Useful for providing better photos than the catalog, and pricing. Hundreds of excellent color photos incl. Of use to Western collectors is identification of Dollar forgeries; pictures and sources of all fakes sold at auction !

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Best single Tibet catalog to date. There are enlarged inset photos of distinguishing characteristics for some of the varieties, but either good familiarity with the series, or ability to read Chinese is critical to making use of the listing. The Cash series wears me out, so I don't plan to do a detailed comparison, but the Tibet series, which I know better, is good, certainly more detailed than any Western work.

rika xiang li

The banknote photos are gorgeous, but the coin photos and specimen quality are highly variable, the coppers being mostly too dark. Essays on history, language, religion and coinage are useful.

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Unique numbering system, Renminbi valuations in five grades, Chinese text. Adrienne Barbeau, its her birthday and shes naked! Le pont du Loing n'enjambe pas le Loing mais le canal de Briare [ 88 ]. The plated items all color do not make as comprehensive a catalog as Xinjiang Numismatics but the depth of varieties pictured - such as 11 varieties of the Dollar - suggests a very detailed history.

rika xiang li

Some but not enough enlarged detail panels. Soviet China coinage is included, with sketchy rubbings as illustrations. Closeup and edge photos could be useful in forgery detection. Having this book is almost better than owning these rare coins, the photography is so good click on title for a sample page, scanned at low resolution; the photos in the book are MUCH better.

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