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Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. From humble. Posts about Greek English Slang Dictionary written by Paul Pan. Define light. light synonyms, light pronunciation, light translation, English dictionary definition of light. n. 1. Physics a. Electromagnetic radiation that is.

light synonyms, light pronunciation, light translation, English dictionary definition of light.

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They battled furiously, but the odds were overwhelming. n. With Kre'fey, they developed their entrance strategy.

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The pace of the attacks picked up until they were nearly constant, keeping the Rogues on alert. Darklighter returned to Coruscant, where he spent time combating the Krytos virus. Darklighter was reluctant to engage the damaged and inferior fighters. The Rogues pursued it and Darklighter ordered its boarding.

He planned to blast off and lead the Imperials away, presuming he was their quarry. He was first in, with two other pilots backing him up. Darklighter was among many other Rogues who watched the broadcast and angrily criticized Krennel's arguments, but others pointed out to him that the public could be more easily fooled.

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Dmaynel Kiph , the leader of the Combine, was unmoved and ordered Darklighter's death anyway. Solo damaged the ship, but it created an interdiction field, blocking the Ralroost , the Rogues, and a handful of evacuation ships from jumping to Agamar. Fey'lya insisted it was his right to prosecute any war as he saw fit, but Darklighter told him that he would not allow him to mismanage the war when it was Darklighter's neck on the line.

The pilots trained relentlessly for the run against the small conduit in the valley; with his Beggar's Canyon experience, Darklighter hit the conduit in simulation more frequently than any other pilot. The battle had exacted a horrible cost, however—only six Rogues and one flight of Savage Squadron still lived. From humble.

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Darklighter and Shiel made a run against the Xucphra Alazhi , disarming it. The training and selection process was not formally over, however, and when Darklighter's time came to complete the notoriously difficult simulation, he succeeded in it and shot down Bror Jace , widely regarded as one of the two best pilot-candidates. The Rogues were attached to the mission.

Calrissian was able to determine that no tracking devices had been used, meaning that refugees were selling each other out. Physics a.

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The ship, a YT mocked up to resemble the Millennium Falcon , was piloted by Antilles and Chewbacca and was part of a plot to lure Zsinj into thinking Solo was making runs in the Falcon and lure him into an attack. Posts about Greek English Slang Dictionary written by Paul Pan.

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Antilles planned to hold Borleias against the Vong as long as he could, providing a secure route for escape from Coruscant and destroying as many enemies as possible. The Vong picked off a full four of his pilots, leading him to take great pleasure in destroying several landing craft. Darklighter celebrated the reduction of Zsinj's strength and, with his position so diminished, the Rogues were transferred out of the task force to recover with easier duty. He stood guard as intelligence agent Winter sliced her way into the control room and waited down the hall as Qrygg retrieved breath masks from inside the room for the Human members of the party to use, as the chamber had been flooded with Fex-M3d gas.

Darklighter's Fourth guarded the shipments out of the system, which came under attack by Jedi raiders. He then led her outside to Sebatyne and took the pair up to see Bwua'tu.

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Unknown to Darklighter and most of the others, Booster Terrik would remain aboard the station, which had been fitted with several hundred missile and torpedo targeting units, allowing it to establish an overwhelming number of targeting locks on the Super Star Destroyer.

Darklighter attended a Rogue Squadron party upon returning to Coruscant. The Jedi was determined to penetrate the nebula to rescue her husband and brother, who were trapped on a Killik world, but did not want the Galactic Alliance—then wary of Jedi involvement on the Killiks' side—knowing that Skywalker was out of contact and the Jedi Order weakened by his lack of leadership.

Incidents were becoming unusually common as various local governments took advantage of the current Caamas Document Crisis to attempt to settle old scores. The party was violently interrupted, however, when Urlor Sette , one of Horn's companions on the Lusankya , arrived and was killed by an implanted capsule of venom in a taunt to the Rogues. Darklighter also flew against the Invids at Xa Fel.

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When the Strike -class cruiser Havoc returned to the system during the operation, Darklighter flew against the TIEs it deployed, picking up one pursuer, which Horn destroyed. The Bothan admiral told him that the exotic fighter was called a coralskipper and was used by a mysterious alien race—the Yuuzhan Vong —who had recently invaded the Outer Rim and made use of biological technology.

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With Horn's escape from Lusankya before its violent departure, all charges were dropped against Celchu. Their mission was successful—an intact yammosk corpse was captured for dissection, the hostages were freed, and the Jedi's public image gained a strong boost.Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period.

On one mission, the two squadrons attempted to make off with three bacta freighters which had been driven off course via sliced navicomputers. The Rogues were pulled away from the combat to jump towards Lusankya and help defend it from the rest of the fleet, escorting back to Borleias as the enemy fleet was savaged and then retreated.

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Darklighter enjoyed a reunion with some of his large extended family before he entered Huff's library to wait for his uncle to conclude another business meeting. Define light. Antilles's insurgent forces began purchasing supplies from Talon Karrde , and the first shipment was to be transferred at a rendezvous in the Alderaan system. Darklighter remained fond of the droid and refused to trade it in, though he allowed routine memory wipes and was glad to see the unit get the R2-Delta upgrade.

Vladet was merely a hit-and-fade operation, however. He and Skywalker explained that, with the government ready to capitulate, a new arrangement was needed. He was even more astonished when he found himself attacked by an asteroid-like craft using completely foreign technology.

Darklighter pulled the Rogues away to check them out, and found a pirate fleet of uglies , badly damaged, waiting in the asteroids.

They were to be moved to Talasea , but for security reasons the squadron members were told that they were merely on an extended field training assignment and were not given their location. Darklighter's longtime wingmate Shiel, the two Twi'lek pilots, and the Alazhi were immediately destroyed. The task force left dock and arrived in the Levian system , site of a recent raid by Zsinj. The two defeated some of the troops outside the main building and proceeded within.

Through the combined efforts of the guests, the attack was averted. Electromagnetic radiation that is. They had not actually contacted him, but the ruse worked.

Calrissian obtained a transport and had the Rogues' X-wings stowed in false cargo containers along the hull. 1. As Rogue Three's fighter did not match Darklighter's paint job as early as the return from Thyferra, Darklighter most likely held the new callsign throughout the entire Zsinj campaign. The attack came during the night. Sei'lar, in turn, enjoyed his innocence and fresh, optimistic outlook on the world.

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