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Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. From humble. I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Darklighter brought down two Interceptors with proton torpedoes before the Imperials were even aware of his presence, then followed a third down into the Halanit colony, destroying it in view of Dlarit, who was present as commander of the Thyferran TIE complement.

Gavin Darklighter

Darklighter enjoyed a reunion with some of his large extended family before he entered Huff's library to wait for his uncle to conclude another business meeting.

From humble.

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As they arrived in the Alderaan system for the rendezvous, however, the Rogues found the convoy utterly destroyed and Zsinj's forces still in the area. After reviewing the situation, General Carlist Rieekan , commander of the Coruscant Planetary Defense Force , ordered Darklighter to deny the Surprise access into the mine shell defending Coruscant.

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The Vong picked off a full four of his pilots, leading him to take great pleasure in destroying several landing craft.

There, he briefly engaged Horn, who was undercover as an Invid pilot and searching for his wife, but Horn evaded him.

Fleet Group Three made its way to Mon Calamari , where the Senate had established itself, rejected Pwoe's claim to leadership, and begun reorganizing the government. The party was violently interrupted, however, when Urlor Sette , one of Horn's companions on the Lusankya , arrived and was killed by an implanted capsule of venom in a taunt to the Rogues.

Darklighter also went along on a diplomatic mission to Ryloth , in which the Rogues were to convince the traders of Kala'uun to sell the New Republic ryll kor , a high-grade version of the ryll spice which proved effective against the Krytos virus as part of a drug cocktail. Some Rogues told him that their relationship was unlikely to last, but Darklighter proved them wrong.

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Darklighter and the other survivors returned to Noquivzor , where they were based. M-3PO , the squadron's protocol unit, brought up a transport, and the group evacuated; Antilles had brought the two to Coruscant without anyone else's knowledge as backup in the event that the unit was compromised, as Antilles expected it to be. The Vong had secured all possible hyperspace routes in near the debris field, but Kre'fey had located an old hulk of an Interdictor and restored it enough that it could be jumped in unmanned, shift the system's gravitic profile enough to open up new hyperspace entry points, and allow the New Republic forces access to the shipwomb.

Darklighter found a large enemy craft sitting at the requisite exit point, designated it "Wampa", and assigned his flight the mission of destroying it while the other two flights provided anti-starfighter cover.

The Jedi had reconnoitered Sernpidal and found that the ship Darklighter had found in construction had grown to gargantuan, Death-Star-dwarfing proportions.

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With increasing use of Force-enhanced coordination in the task force, Darklighter turned command of the squadron over to Horn, a Jedi Knight. Darklighter was devastated to learn that the friendly, bubbly Forge, with whom he had been close, was dead.

Darklighter became part of the Insiders.

He and Shiel spent much time alone, scouting the area around the Alien Protection Zone , a nonhuman ghetto better known as the Invisible Sector or Invisec.Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. He then led her outside to Sebatyne and took the pair up to see Bwua'tu. The Rogues were attached to the mission.

Born to moisture farmers , Darklighter grew up in the shadow of his older cousin, Biggs Darklighter —hero of the Rebellion.

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Upon learning that Solo was not aboard, he apologized to Organa Solo for his language but insisted she stand down. He was only able to afford an ugly, old, heavily modified speeder, and picked up Horn and Terrik, taking them out to his uncle's estate. Outraged by the political maneuvering, Horn, Antilles, and then the rest of the Rogues, including Darklighter, resigned their commissions to pursue their own course of action against Isard.

Darklighter ordered Solo to accompany him and made the run himself, then watched in awe as Skywalker used the Force to bend the gravitic anomaly that the vehicle produced around and cause it to suck itself into its own void.

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When Councilor—and self-declared Chief of State— Pwoe arrived, Darklighter was among the senior officers called in to a conference with him and his advisers. Darklighter seized a blaster and, with Antilles and Celchu, held the main door against a swoop gang hired as a distraction.

Gavin received a friendly greeting from Huff, but the older Darklighter was taken aback when Horn began pressing him on the deal by threatening to expose his involvement in smuggling. Depending on the exact timing of Darklighter's transfer out of the Fifth Fleet, he may still have served with it during the blockade of Corellia , which ultimately failed under Confederation assault. Darklighter spent time talking with the squadron and, remembering the time Antilles spent with him after Forge died, decided to offer the same support to Antilles, whose friend Terrik had been part of the convoy.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. There, he found the guard outside his door holding a blaster rifle which had had its power pack removed; some men had arrived and insisted they would be welcome in Darklighter's office. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from. His parents openly displayed their pride in him, and Silya engaged in constant maternal concern. In an early briefing, Antilles outlined the situation.

Darklighter took to command of Rogue Squadron quickly, leading it against pirates on the Rim.

Another torpedo run badly damaged the Interdictor, which deactivated its gravity well projectors and fled. Instead, Yonka jumped his renamed Freedom into the system, deploying the X-wings from there; instead of being exhausted after twelve hours in their cockpits during transit, the Rogues were fresh and rested.

However, Thrawn had anticipated them and the Rogues were caught in a fierce dogfight upon leaving hyperspace. Darklighter continued on the mission, which was successful, but all the Rogues were deeply disturbed by the betrayal; Darklighter especially was stunned into a more serious and subdued mindset. After more months of war, elements of the Fourth accompainied Niathal to Fondor , where she and Solo finally fell out when Solo attempted to continue bombarding Fondor against Niathal's orders.

The Bothan admiral told him that the exotic fighter was called a coralskipper and was used by a mysterious alien race—the Yuuzhan Vong —who had recently invaded the Outer Rim and made use of biological technology.

Fey'lya, furious, threatened to end Darklighter's career, but Kre'fey immediately cut in, backing Darklighter's position. The Ackbar fell back towards the Mothma as Darklighter brought it up to support the admiral as the Killik fleet bore down on Darklighter's ship.

They intended to kill Darklighter and leave his body as a message against the Imperials, who had been rounding up aliens. Durron further provided evidence that it housed a massive gravitic superweapon capable of causing devastating solar flares. The battle only ended when Solo took the Fifth and began bombarding Kashyyyk, where the leadership of the Jedi Order now resided after having been declared traitors to the Galactic Alliance.

I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake.

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