Knull app rackspace

knull app rackspace

Get Started with the Rackspace Mobile Application and Managing Accounts. Last updated on: iOS application from the Apple App Store;. System Status. Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and uptime of our email apps and services. Rackspace Archiving. Host on our dedicated or cloud infrastructure or through one of our partners. Leverage our expertise to run fast and lean. We offer web, app or email hosting, data. Cloud Office email client configuration utility. Simply log in to access email server settings specific to your mailbox!

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Some Dedicated accounts were being logged in as Cloud accounts. With the Rackspace Mobile app for iOS you can: Oh, you wanted to know more? Most of the functionality of previous versions is present or improved, but some features may be temporarily missing during this major upgrade.

Cannot login on the app with the same info that works to log in everywhere else. You may need to remove your Saved Account and re-add it if you are still having issues. There aren't many, but we lovingly dispose of each and every one we find Exciting things, like more information about the current state of the Cloud Server.

Developer Response Oct 27, Version 2 has been completely revamped under the covers, addressing older issues and paving the way for more frequent, feature-filled updates. Read more/5(). Cannot login Nov 27, Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and uptime of our email apps and services.

An etiquette lesson was administered, and all is now well and refined.

Rackspace Webmail: Hosted Email for Business

We went toe to toe with a handful of bugs.Inspiration, Innovation, and Videos that Change the World. Written and Directed by Samm Hodges; Produced by Phinehas Hodges; Director of. We hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day, and will love the updates in v2.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

knull app rackspace

Most mail clients, including Webmail, will re-establish connectivity after a short retry interval. Cannot login into the app using my credentials that work in browser. Great movie, check it out if you haven't. If you have any quesitons or concerns, contact support. And we will build it, just to be clear. Tickets, Devices, and Support. It does not support Rackspace Email which is a different service.

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Clearly a case of mistaken identity, and it has been resolved. It has been chastened and will not be returning. Anyway, they're gone now. The updates will be applied in phases starting January 5th, through April 1st, Very handy for managing instances and viewing check statuses, but there are no notifications when checks fail.

knull app rackspace

Webmail for business provided by Rackspace. Rackspace Archiving. We hope you don't need Support, but if you need it, you can get it! We're working on a truly iPad optimized UI, but for now you get the power to embiggen and slide-over support.

Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and uptime of our email apps and services.

Rackspace Email & Apps System Status Page

But we suspect ended up playing video games the entire time. Our multi-factor authentication was downgraded temporarily to only supporting a single factor, blocking login for some people.

knull app rackspace

We chased it back into place on the Support tab where it belongs. The bugs lost, and you win. Alert - Be Aware of Phishing Emails Please be aware of any suspicious emails that may be disguised as if they are from internal employees or from your email service provider.

knull app rackspace

That was resolved in the 2. The first of eight.

Rackspace Mobile on the App Store

Who gives you Support phone numbers in the app that are personalized to your account type? Feb 13,  · With the Rackspace Mobile app for iOS you can: // or give us feedback in the app under the Support tab. System Status. Some Dedicated accounts might have found this to be the case, and the app was sent to its room to learned its lesson.

knull app rackspace

We found that unexpected and maybe a little rude , and patched it right up. Specifically, listing a Cloud Server with an image that has missing metadata.

knull app rackspace

Fixed an error with double logins. Please note, there may an extended wait at this time. It's back, and this time we unleashed its burgeoning self-aware AI onto the Login portion of the app.

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That's a good thing. Get instant access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. We're now called Rackspace Mobile.

knull app rackspace

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